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Volusia County Inmate

Department NameTexas Department of Criminal Justice
Official Websitehttp://www.tdcj.state.tx.us/
Currently Incarcerated Inmateshttps://offender.tdcj.texas.gov/OffenderSearch/index.jsp
Visitor Applicationhttps://www.tdcj.texas.gov/visitation/
Video Visitationhttps://www.tdcj.texas.gov/offender_tele/index.html#svv
Send Moneyhttps://www.tdcj.texas.gov/documents/bfd/Deposit_Options_Flyer.pdf
Offender Searchhttps://ivss.tdcj.texas.gov/offender-search-popups/
Phone Callshttps://www.tdcj.texas.gov/offender_tele/index.html#its
LocationP.O. Box 13084. Austin, Texas 78711
Phone Number(512) 475-3250
Fax(512) 305-9398

Texas Inmate Search – TDCJ Offender Search

If you need to get in touch with someone currently in prison or want to learn more about an inmate’s records in Texas, you can now do so easily online. The process has become simpler over time and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

What Includes Inmate Records in Texas

Inmate records in Texas include details such as:

  • Full name and any known nicknames
  • TDCJ Number
  • Current facility of incarceration
  • Crime details and sentence length
  • Parole eligibility and release date
  • Any disciplinary records or actions taken during incarceration

Online Inmate Search Method

To search for an inmate in Texas, follow the below simple steps:

  • Visit the TDCJ Inmate Search Official Page  (https://inmate.tdcj.texas.gov/): The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) has an online portal dedicated to helping individuals find inmates.
  • Enter the Required Information: You can search for an offender using their TDCJ number, first name, and last name. Information such as birth date or gender can help refine the search results.
  • Review the Results: After entering all required information, a list of possible matches will be displayed. To view more details about an individual, click on their name.

Note: It’s always good to contact the facility directly if you need more specific information, although the Texas Department of Criminal Justice portal does provide essential information.

Offline Inmate Search Process

While online tools are suitable, there are offline ways available:

  • Written Requests: One can send a formal letter to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or the county’s Sheriff’s Office requesting specific inmate details.
  • Visiting in Person: Before visiting, it is advisable to call the facility or the administrative office to inquire about visiting hours and any necessary documentation.

Finding Inmates in Federal Prisons in Texas

Texas houses several federal prisons run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). Individuals in federal prisons are there for crimes against federal law.

To search for an inmate in a federal prison:

  • Visit the BOP’s Inmate Locator (https://www.bop.gov/inmateloc/). The Bureau of Prisons offers an online tool to search for inmates jailed in federal prisons nationwide, including Texas.
  • Provide Necessary Information: You can search using the inmate’s BOP (Bureau of Prisons) number or their first name and last name.
  • Review and Connect: Once located, the platform provides information about the inmate, including their current facility and contact details.

Texas Sex Offender Search

Community safety is a top priority in Texas. To locate registered sex offenders, visit…:

It is crucial to keep in mind that this database serves public safety, and any misuse, such as harassing registered offenders, is illegal.

TDCJ Inmate Visitation

Visitation Procedure Update: The Texas Department of Criminal Justice would like to remind families and friends of the measures in place and some enhanced procedures implemented when visiting your loved one at a TDCJ facility.

Documenting and searching the vehicle when entering and exiting a facility are consistent with current procedures and will be conducted on each visit. All visitors 18 years of age and older are subject to being searched.

Visitors aged 18 years must show a current government-issued ID during registration or check-in. Visitation staff will retain the identification during the visit.

At the end of the visit, the inmate will exit the visitation area while family and friends remain seated until excused to leave by the staff. At that time, visitors will proceed to check-out, and their ID will be returned to them, and they will depart the unit.

The TDCJ would like to remind families and friends of measures in place and some enhanced procedures implemented when visiting your loved one at a branch. Documenting and searching the vehicle when entering and exiting a TDCJ facility are consistent with current policies and will be conducted each visit.

All visitors, 18 years of age and older, are subject to being searched. During the registration or check-in process, visitors 18 and older must present a current official government-issued ID; visitation staff will retain the identification during the visit.

After the visit, the inmate will exit the visitation area while family and friends remain seated in the visitation area until excused to leave by staff. At that time, visitors will proceed to check-out, their ID will be returned, and they will depart the unit.

Preparing for your visit:

Before visiting an inmate:

  1. Confirm their visitation privileges and unit assignment.
  2. Check the visitation schedule and verify that visitation has not been cancelled. Click here for a list of unit phone numbers.
  3. Ensure you are an approved visitor and bring appropriate photo identification. Click here for a list of appropriate photo identification.
  4. Check clothing for compliance and avoid getting prohibited items. Click here for guidelines.
  5. Do not bring cash, cell phones, or other unauthorized items into the facility. If you have special visitation needs or requirements, make arrangements with the unit beforehand. Click here for items allowed and not allowed.

Spiritual visits must be coordinated through the warden’s office.

Each inmate is allowed only one visit per weekend. It is advised that individuals listed on an inmate’s Visitors List communicate with each other and the inmate to ensure that subsequent visitors are not declined upon arrival at the unit. This will prevent any inconvenience and allow for a smooth visiting experience.

It is possible for visits to be terminated and for visitors to be removed from an inmate’s Visitors List due to wrong conduct. If an individual is removed from an inmate’s Visitors List, they can submit a written appeal to the Director’s Review Committee (DRC) at PO Box 99, Huntsville, TX 77342. The request must be submitted within 14 days from the date of the written notice of removal from the unit.

General Information Guide for Families of Inmates (English/Español) – PDF

Inmate Rules and Regulations for Visitation (English/Español) – PDF

Texas Inmate Phone Calls System

The Inmate Telephone System (OTS) allows eligible inmates to make paid telephone calls to their family and friends through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Disciplinary Rules and Guidelines for Offenders, English (PDF) or Spanish (PDF).

Information or registration:

Before you can receive calls from a Texas Department of Criminal Justice inmate, you must first enrol your telephone number:

  • Internet: Texas Inmate Telephone Friends & Family Enrollment
  • Note: You will require the inmate’s Texas Department of Criminal Justice ID number to register to accept telephone calls from them. If you do not know their number, you can find it via the online inmate search or by telephone at (936) 295-6371 or (800) 535-0283. The telephones are responded from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday – Friday.
  • Telephone: (866) 806-7804

Rules apply to the Texas Inmate Phone Calls System

  • Phones are available from 5:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. 
  • Tablet phone hours may differ.
  • Calls are restricted to 30 minutes.
  • You will receive a warning message one minute before getting disconnected.
  • Inmates have unlimited minutes per month.
  • All calls, except to the attorney of record, are subject to monitoring and recording.
  • Calls may only be placed to landline and post-paid or pre-paid cell phone numbers. Calls to 800 numbers, pay phones, businesses, international numbers, and internet services are prohibited.
  • The name on the driver’s license/state ID must match the telephone listing or bill to receive calls. To register, you will be required to confirm that you:
    • Are you the registered owner of the telephone number?
    • Agree to permit the inmate to call the telephone number.
    • Are at least 18 years old.
    • When receiving calls from the inmate, do not forward them, make three-way calls, or use a speakerphone.
    • It is important to note that eligible inmates eligible inmates are only allowed to speak with adults on their approved calling list.

If a victim does or does not wish to receive calls from inmates, they should contact:

  • Victim Services Division
  • 8712 Shoal Creek Blvd., Suite 265
  • Austin, TX 78757
  • Telephone: (800) 848-4284


Any complaints about the vendor service for Inmate Telephone System, E-messaging Service, Inmate Tablets, or Securus Video Visitation should be submitted in writing to:

  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice
  • Information Technology Division
  • Inmate Technology Services Contract Manager
  • PO Box 4016
  • Huntsville, TX 77342-4016
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Texas inmate Digital Mail

The TDCJ is moving to a digital mail platform to lower the amount of harmful contraband in our facilities.

All mail intended for inmates should be sent to the digital mail processing center. The center will sort, scan and upload the messages and photos to the inmate’s secure tablet. The scans will be in color and can be saved permanently on the tablet for the inmate to access anytime.

Please send all U.S. Mail for inmates to:

Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Inmate’s Full First and Last Name + TDCJ Number
P.O. Box 660400
Dallas, TX 75266-0400

For more details, please contact Securus® Customer Service at 1 (800) 844-6591.

Texas inmate Digital Mail Frequently Asked Questions

TDCJ Contact Information

Texas Department of Criminal Justice | PO Box 99 | Huntsville, Texas 77342-0099 | (936) 295-6371

Texas Board of Criminal Justice:

Texas Board of Criminal JusticePO Box 13084
Austin, TX 78711
Phone: (512) 475-3250
Fax: (512) 305-9398
Internal AuditPhone: (936) 437-7100
Fax: (936) 437-2821
Office of the Independent OmbudsmanPhone: (936) 437-5620
Fax: (325) 223-1334
Toll Free: (833) 598-2700
E-mail: [email protected]
Office of the Inspector GeneralAustin
Phone: (512) 671-2480
Fax: (512) 671-2129
Investigations Department
Phone: (936) 437-5030
Fax: (936) 437-5138
Administrative Support & Programs Department
Phone: (936) 437-5116
Fax: (936) 438-8443
Information Systems Division
4616 W. Howard Lane, Suite 250
Austin, Texas 78728
Phone: (512) 671-2367
Fax: (512) 671-5188
PREA OmbudsmanPhone: (936) 437-5570
Fax: (936) 437-5555
E-mail: [email protected]
State Counsel for OffendersPhone: (936) 437-5203
Fax: (936) 437-5293
Criminal Defense Section
Phone: (936) 437-5203
Fax: (936) 521-6719
Legal Services Section
Phone: (936) 437-5203
Fax: (936) 437-5295
Appellate Section
Phone: (936) 437-5203
Fax: (936) 437-5214
Civil Defense Section
Phone: (936) 437-5203
Fax: (936) 521-6721
Investigation Section
Phone: (936) 437-5203
Fax: (936) 437-5293
Administrative Services
Phone: (936) 437-5203
Fax: (936) 437-5293

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Austin Physical Address:

209 West 14th Street
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 463-9988

Mailing Address:

PO Box 13084 – Capitol Station
Austin, TX 78711-3084
HuntsvillePhysical Address:

861-B I-45 N
Huntsville, TX 77320
(936) 295-6371

Mailing Address:

PO Box 99
Huntsville, TX 77342-0099

TDCJ Division/Department

ACA AccreditationPhone: (936) 437-4900
Fax: (936) 437-4909
Administrative Review & Risk ManagementPhone: (936) 437-4839
Fax: (936) 437-4843
Board of Criminal JusticePhone: (512) 475-3250
Fax: (512) 305-9398
Board of Pardons & ParolesPhone: (512) 406-5452
Fax: (512) 406-5483
Business & Finance DivisionHuntsville
Phone: (936) 437-2107
Fax: (936) 437-6381
Phone: (512) 463-1678
Fax: (512) 463-7233
ChaplaincyTwo Financial Plaza, Suite 472
Huntsville, TX 77340
Phone: (936) 437-3029
Communications (News Media Only)Austin
Phone: (512) 463-8280
Fax: (512) 305-9309
Phone: (936) 437-6052
Fax: (936) 437-6055
Community Justice Assistance DivisionPhone: (512) 305-9300
Fax: (512) 305-9368
Correctional Institutions DivisionPhone: (936) 437-2173
Fax: (936) 437-6325
Correctional Managed Health CarePhone: (936) 437-1972
Fax: (936) 437-1970
Executive ServicesExecutive Director, Huntsville
Phone: (936) 437-2101
Fax: (936) 437-2123

Executive Director, Austin
Phone: (512) 463-9988
Fax: (512) 936-2169
Deputy Executive Director
Phone: (936) 437-6251
Fax: (936) 437-8925
Executive Services
Phone: (936) 437-6391
Fax: (936) 437-2125
Facilities DivisionPhone: (936) 437-7200
Fax: (936) 437-7205
General Counsel, Office of theAustin
Phone: (512) 463-9693
Fax: (512) 936-2159
Phone: (936) 437-6700
Fax: (936) 437-6994
Governmental AffairsPhone: (512) 463-8195
Fax: (512) 936-2169
Health Services DivisionPhone: (936) 437-4271
Fax: (936) 437-3601
Human Resources DivisionPhone: (936) 437-4141
Fax: (936) 437-4068
Payroll Inquiries: (936) 437-6258
Information Technology DivisionPhone: (936) 437-1270
Fax: (936) 437-1011
Interstate Compact8712 Shoal Creek Blvd., Ste. 290
Austin, TX 78757
Phone: (512) 406-5990
Fax: (512) 452-0469 or (512) 454-3096
Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Logistics DivisionPhone: (936) 437-2188
Fax: (936) 437-6096
Inmate Status LineToll Free Texas: (800) 535-0283
Phone: (512) 406-5200
Phone: (936) 295-6371
Parole DivisionPhone: (512) 406-5401
Fax: (512) 406-5858
Parole Absconder Tip-Line
Toll Free: (866) 680-6667
Parole Ombudsman
Phone: (512) 406-5795
Parole Status Line
(512) 406-5202
Private Facility Contract Monitoring/Oversight DivisionAustin
Phone: (512) 671-2500
Phone: (936) 437-2810
Rehabilitation Programs DivisionPhone: (936) 437-2180
Fax: (936) 437-6299
Texas Correctional IndustriesCustomer Service
Phone: (936) 437-6048
Fax: (936) 437-8610
Texas Toll Free: (800) 833-4302
Phone: (936) 437-8416
Fax: (936) 437-6856
E-mail: [email protected]
Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments (TCOOMMI)Phone: (512) 465-5100
Fax: (512) 465-5116
E-mail: [email protected]
Transportation and SupplyPhone: (936) 437-8797
Fax: (936) 437-8691
Victim Services DivisionToll Free: (800) 848-4284
Phone: (512) 406-5900
Fax: (512) 452-1025
E-mail: [email protected]
Volunteer Services ProgramPhone: (936) 437-3026

County inmate search in Texas

El PasoEllisErathFort Bend
JackJeffersonJim WellsJohnson
OrangePalo PintoPanolaParker
Red RiverRobertsonRockwallRunnels
TitusTom GreenTravisUpshur
Van ZandtVictoriaWalkerWaller

These counties in Texas do not provide online inmate search systems. However, you can get in touch with the jail or sheriff’s office to assist you in looking up inmates.

Jail/SheriffAddressPhone Number
Anderson County Jail1200 E. Lacy Street, Palestine, Texas 75801(903) 729-6068
Armstrong County Sheriff100 Trice Street, Claude, Texas 79019(806) 537-3511
Atascosa County Jail1108 Campbell Avenue, Jourdanton, TX 78026(830) 769-3434
Austin County Jail417 N Chesley Street, Bellville, TX 77418(979) 865-5321
Bailey County Jail405 W 2nd Street, Muleshoe, TX 79347(806) 272-7619
Bandera County Jail3360 State Hwy. 173 North, Bandera, Texas 78003(830) 796-7759
Bee County Sheriff’s Office1511 E. Toledo Street, Beeville, TX 78102(361) 362-3221
Blanco County Sheriff’s Office400 US Hwy 281 South, Johnson City, Texas 78636(830) 868-7104
Bosque County Jail266 FM 2840, Meridian, TX 76665(254) 435-9966
Brewster County Jail201 W Ave E, Alpine, Texas 79830(432) 837-5541
Briscoe County Sheriff’s Office415 Main Street, Silverton, TX 79257(806) 823-2135
Burleson County Jail1334 State Highway 21 E, Caldwell, TX 77836(979) 567-4343
Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office1204 Reed Drive, Lockhart, Texas 78644(512) 398-6777
Camp County Sheriff203 Tapp Street, Pittsburg, Texas 75686(903) 856-6651
Cass County Sheriff604 Hwy 8N, Linden, Texas 75563(903) 756-7511
Castro County Sheriff100 East Bedford, Dimmitt, Texas 79027(806) 647-3311
Chambers County Jail201 Court Street, Anahuac, TX 77514(409) 267-2500
Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office272 Underwood Street, Rusk, TX 75785(903) 683-2271
Coke County Sheriff13 East 7th Street, Robert Lee, TX 76945(325) 453-2717
Collingsworth County Sheriff810 Belton, Wellington, TX 79095(806) 447-2588
Colorado County Sheriff’s Office2215 Walnut Street, Columbus, Texas 78934(979) 732-2388
Concho County Sheriff106 Paint Rock Road, Eden, Texas 76837(325) 869-4941
Cottle County Sheriff811 9th Street, Paducah, TX 79248(806) 492-2145
Crane County Sheriff201 W 6th Street, Crane, TX 79731(432) 558-3571
Crockett County Sheriff121 S. Hwy 163, Ozona, TX 76943(325) 392-2661
Crosby County Sheriff’s Office201 W Aspen Street # 109, Crosbyton, TX 79322(806) 675-7301
Culberson County Sheriff300 La Caverna Street, Van Horn, TX 79855(432) 283-2060
Dallam County Jail201 E 5th Street, Dalhart, TX 79022(806) 244-2541
Dawson County Sheriff401 S 2nd Street, Lamesa, TX 79331(806) 872-7560
Deaf Smith County Sheriff’s Office235 E 3rd Street, Hereford, TX 79045(806) 364-2311
Delta County Sheriff200 W. Bonham Street, Cooper, TX 75432(903) 395-2146
Dickens County Sheriff’s Office819 5th Street, Dickens, TX 79229(806) 623-5533
Dimmit County Sheriff’s Office669 Industrial Blvd, Carrizo Springs, TX 78834(830) 876-3508
Donley County Sheriff301 S Jefferson Street, Clarendon, TX 79226(806) 874-3533
Duval County Sheriff’s Department401 E. Collins Avenue, San Diego, TX 78384(361) 279-6209
Eastland County Jail201 W White Street, Eastland, TX 76448(254) 629-3298
Edwards County Jail404 West Austin Street, Rocksprings, TX 78880(830) 683-4104
Falls County Sheriff’s Office2847 Hwy 6, Marlin, TX 76661(254) 883-1431
Fannin County Jail2375 Silo Road, Bonham, TX 75418(903) 640-4171
Fayette County Jail1646 N Jefferson Street, La Grange, TX 78945(979) 968-5856
Fisher County Sheriff207 EN 1st Street, Roby, TX 79543(325) 776-2273
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office208 TX Hwy 37, Mt. Vernon, TX 75457(903) 537-4539
Floyd County Sheriff125 E California Street, Floydada, TX 79235(806) 983-4901
Freestone County Sheriff103 S. Keechi, Fairfield, TX 75840(903) 389-3236
Frio County Sheriff502 South Cedar Street, Pearsall, Texas 78061(830) 334-3311
Gaines County Sheriff305 E Avenue A, Seminole, TX 79360(432) 758-4023
Garza County Jail412 E 15th Street, Post, TX 79356(806) 990-9974
Glasscock County Sheriff124 South Myrl Street, Garden City, TX 79739(432) 354-2361
Goliad County Jail701 East End Street, Goliad, TX 77963(361) 645-8259
Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office1713 E Sarah DeWitt Drive, Gonzales, TX 78629(830) 672-6524
Gray County Sheriff218 N Russell Street, Pampa, TX 79065(806) 669-8022
Grimes County Sheriff’s Office382 FM 149 West, Anderson, TX 77830(936) 873-2151
Hale County Jail1900 South Columbia, Plainview, Texas 79072(806) 293-5377
Hall County Sheriff’s Office512 Main Street, Memphis, TX 79245(806) 259-2151
Hamilton County Sheriff1108 S Rice Street, Hamilton, Texas 76531(254) 386-8128
Hansford County Sheriff10 Northwest Court Street, Spearman, Texas 79081(806) 659-4140
Hardeman County Sheriff318 Mercer Street, Quanah, TX 79252(940) 663-5374
Haskell County Sheriff’s Office507 S 2nd Street, Haskell, TX 79521(940) 864-2345
Hardin County Jail300 W Monroe Street, Kountze, Texas 77625(409) 246-5105
Hill County Sheriff406 Hall Street, Hillsboro, TX 76645(254) 582-5313
Houston County Sheriff’s Office700A South 4th Street, Crockett, Texas 75835(936) 544-2862
Irion County Sheriff’s Office114 W Sherwood Avenue, Mertzon, TX 76941(325) 835-2551
Jackson County Jail115 W. Main, Room 104, Edna, TX 77957(361) 782-5407
Jasper County Jail101 Burch Street, Jasper, TX 75951(409) 384-2411
Jeff Davis County Sheriff105 Court Avenue, Fort Davis, TX 79734(432) 426-3213
Jones County Sheriff’s Office402 2nd Street, Anson, TX 79501(325) 823-3201
Kenedy County Sheriff175 Cuellar Avenue, Sarita, TX 78385(361) 294-5205
Kent County Sheriff’s Office831 S Main Street, Jayton, TX 79528(806) 237-3801
Kimble County Sheriff415 Pecan Street, Junction, TX 76849(325) 446-2766
Knox County Jail104 S Stewart Street, Benjamin, TX 79505(940) 459-2041
Lamb County Sheriff1200 East Waylon, Littlefield, TX 79339(806) 385-7900
Lampasas County Sheriff410 E. 4th Street, Lampasas, Texas 76550(512) 556-8255
Lee County Sheriff’s Office2122 FM448, Giddings, TX 78942(979) 542-2800
Leon County Sheriff606 E. St. Mary’s Street, Centerville, TX 75833(903) 536-2749
Limestone County Sheriff912 North Tyus Street, Groesbeck, Texas 76642(254) 729-3278
Live Oak County Jail200 Larry R. Busby Drive, George West, Texas 78022(361) 449-2271
Llano County Sheriff2001 North State, Hwy. 16, Llano, Texas 78643(325) 247-5767
Lynn County Sheriff810 Lockwood Street, Tahoka, Texas 79373(806) 561-4505
Madison County Sheriff2005 E. Main Street, Madisonville, Texas 77864(936) 348-2755
Marion County Sheriff114 W Austin, Jefferson, TX 75657(903) 665-7201
Maverick County Sheriff’s Office1051 Balboa-Jones Blvd, Eagle Pass, TX 78852(830) 773-2321
Medina County Jail801 Avenue Y, Hondo, Texas 78861(830) 741-6058
Menard County Sheriff205 Tipton Street, Menard, TX 76859(325) 396-4705
Mitchell County Sheriff320 Pine Street, Colorado City, TX 79512(325) 728-5261
Moore County Sheriff’s Office700 Bliss Avenue, Dumas, Texas 79029(806) 935-4145
Morris County Sheriff502 Union Street, Daingerfield, Texas 75638(903) 645-2232
Nolan County Jail211 Avenger Field Road, Sweetwater, TX 79556(325) 235-5471
Nueces County Jail901 Leopard Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78401(361) 887-2222
Presidio County Jail320 N. Highland Avenue, Marfa, TX 79843(432) 729-4911
Rains County Jail313 E North Street, Emory, TX 75440(903) 473-3181
Reeves County Sheriff’s Office500 S. Oak Street, Pecos, Texas 79772(432) 445-4901
San Augustine County Sheriff’s Office219 N Harrison Street, San Augustine, TX 75972(936) 275-2424
San Patricio County Jail300 North Rachal, Sinton, TX 78387(361) 364-9630
San Saba County Sheriff500 E. Wallace, San Saba, TX 76877(325) 372-5551
Scurry County Sheriff400 37th Street, Snyder, TX 79549(325) 573-3551
Starr County Sheriff102 E. 6th Street, Rio Grande City, TX 78582(956) 487-5571
Swisher County Sheriff136 East Broadway Avenue, Tulia, TX 79088(806) 995-3326
Tyler County Sheriff’s Office702 N. Magnolia Street, Woodville, TX 75979(409) 283-2172
Upton County Sheriff1106 North Grand Street, Rankin, Texas 79778(432) 693-2422
Ward County Sheriff300 East 4th Street, Monahans, TX 79756(432) 943-6703
Wheeler County Jail7944 US HWY 83, Wheeler, TX 79096(806) 826-5537
Wilbarger County Jail5215 College Drive, Vernon, TX 76384(940) 533-1351
Willacy County Sheriff1371 Industrial Drive, Raymondville, Texas 78580(956) 689-5576
Winkler County Sheriff1300 South Bellaire Street, Kermit, TX 79745(432) 586-3461
Wilson County Sheriff’s Office800 10th Street, Unit 4, Floresville, TX 78114(830) 393-2535

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find info on a released Texas inmate search

You can use the online inmate search tool the TDCJ provides to find information on a released Texas inmate. You can access this tool via their website at https://www.tdcj.texas.gov/offender_info/index.html or https://ivss.tdcj.texas.gov/offender-search-popups/.

You can search for an offender by providing a name, SID number, or current TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) number. The search results will provide details such as the inmate’s location, crimes, and projected release date.

How do I get a TDCJ inmate number?

If you do not know the TDCJ inmate number, you can find it via the online inmate search or by telephone at (936) 295-6371 or (800) 535-0283. The telephones are answered from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday – Friday.

How do I find out when my family member will be released from TDCJ?

Please perform an “Offender Search” in the Inmate Information system to retrieve an inmate’s release date and location. If the release information is unavailable, the inmate has not been scheduled for release.

What is a SID number in TDCJ?

State Identification (SID) number.

How to send money to TDCJ inmate?

You have six options to send money to a TDCJ inmate

  1. Money order or cashier’s check
  2. Monthly checking account debit (ACH)
  3. ACE – America’s Cash Express
  4. eCommDirect Store
  5. JPay
  6. TouchPay Payment Systems

Click here to view and print instructions for using the above options.

Where are TDCJ inmates released?

Most inmates are released from regional release sites closer to their county of conviction, residence or approved release county. Regional release sites are located at the Crain Unit (Gatesville), Clements Unit (Amarillo), Hutchins State Jail (Dallas), McConnell Unit (Beeville), Robertson Unit (Abilene) and Huntsville Unit (Huntsville).