Angelina County Jail Roster

Angelina County Jail Roster in Texas

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You can use the online Angelina County inmate search tool to find an inmate in Angelina County jail. The jail roster provided below by the Angelina County authorities lists all the inmates who are currently in custody.

By clicking on a particular record, you can access more information about the inmate, such as their mugshot, the crime they are charged with, the amount of bond, and the reason for their hold.

If you face any issues while searching for an inmate, you can contact the Angelina County jail for help.

Angelina County Jail Contact Details

Angelina County Detention Center:

  • Address: 2311 East Lufkin Avenue, Lufkin, Texas
  • Phone: (936) 634-2724 (Main Phone), (936) 639-8724 (Book-In)

Call a bail bond company to bond someone out of Angelina County jail:

  • Angelina County Bail Bonds (936) 899-7777
  • American Bail Bonds (936) 699-4307

Visiting Hours:

  • Male Inmates Wed 2:00pm – 5:30pm, Tue & Thu 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Sun 8:00am – 11:00am
  • Female Inmates Wed 12:30pm – 2:00pm, Tue & Thu 6:00pm – 7:00pm, Sun 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Official Website:

Total Inmates: 252

NameSexHeightWeightEye ColorHair ColorBooking Date
ACEVEDO, CARMEN ELIZABETHFemale5 Ft.230 Lbs.BrownBlack11/23/2023
ALBRO, ZACCHEUASMale6 Ft. 2 In.168 Lbs.BrownBlack07/20/2022
ALEXANDER, KEVIN CHRISTOPHERMale6 Ft. 2 In.185 Lbs.HazelBlack01/08/2024
ALLSBROOKS, MICHAEL STEPHENMale5 Ft. 8 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack01/08/2024
AMIE, DAMIEN JEWAMale6 Ft. 2 In.250 Lbs.BrownBlack11/08/2023
AMIE, DARION ANTHONYMale6 Ft. 2 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack01/03/2024
ARRINGTON, PATRICK DEWAYNEMale6 Ft.255 Lbs.BrownBlack11/15/2023
ATWOOD, JOSHUA TODDMale5 Ft. 11 In.180 Lbs.BrownBrown08/28/2023
BAGLEY, DEANDRE JEROMEMale5 Ft. 9 In.160 Lbs.BrownBrown07/28/2023
BANKS, ANTHONY ODELLMale5 Ft. 10 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack10/13/2023
BAREFIELD, JOHN FITZGERALD, Jr.Male5 Ft. 10 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack01/05/2024
BEAN, JOHN ALLEN, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack11/17/2023
BECKS, CHARLES EDWARD, Jr.Male6 Ft.314 Lbs.BrownBlack10/06/2023
BENOIT, RICHARD SHAUNMale6 Ft.221 Lbs.BrownBrown12/27/2023
BODILY, SKY LEEMale6 Ft. 4 In.190 Lbs.HazelBrown12/03/2023
BONILLA, JOEY AUSTIN MONTANAMale5 Ft. 10 In.200 Lbs.BrownBrown09/19/2023
BOYKIN, HENRY BLAINE, IVMale5 Ft. 9 In.160 Lbs.BrownBrown12/18/2023
BOYUM, NATHANIEL REEDMale6 Ft.210 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry12/28/2023
BRINSON, REBECCA JUNEFemale5 Ft. 4 In.200 Lbs.BrownBrown12/04/2023
BROOKS, NATHANAEL ALANMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BrownBald09/21/2023
BROOKS, ZAHDYNMale5 Ft. 9 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack03/16/2023
BROWN, JANELL LEEFemale5 Ft. 4 In.150 Lbs.BlueRed or Auburn01/30/2023
BUCK, KENICIA YVETTEFemale5 Ft. 9 In.220 Lbs.BrownBlack01/09/2024
CAMACHO, JUSTIN SLATERMale5 Ft. 6 In.140 Lbs.HazelBrown10/07/2023
CAMPBELL, JUSTIN RAYMale6 Ft.185 Lbs.BlueBrown12/18/2023
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM JACOBMale6 Ft.190 Lbs.GreenBrown12/15/2023
CARPIO, STEPHANIEFemale5 Ft. 7 In.180 Lbs.BlueBrown12/22/2023
CARVER, LONNIE GENEMale5 Ft. 6 In.150 Lbs.BlueBald01/09/2024
CASTELLANOS, SAMANTHA ALEXAFemale5 Ft. 1 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack12/05/2023
CASTLE, JARDON LAMONTREMale5 Ft. 8 In.130 Lbs.BrownBlack08/01/2023
CHANDLER, CHRISTOPER SHANEMale6 Ft. 1 In.220 Lbs.GreenBrown12/04/2023
CLAYTON, ROBERT JAMESMale5 Ft. 5 In.170 Lbs.BrownBrown11/08/2023
CLOWERS, JIMMY LASHAEFemale5 Ft. 1 In.150 Lbs.BrownBrown11/19/2023
COKER, CORDELLMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BlueBrown08/09/2022
COLLINS, JAYKEEVIEN RYANDREMale5 Ft. 10 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack10/02/2023
COLQUITT, JERMAINE LAKEITHMale5 Ft. 11 In.220 Lbs.BrownBrown12/20/2023
COSBY, PATRICK JAMESMale5 Ft. 11 In.225 Lbs.GreenBrown08/09/2021
COUTEE, DERICA LASHAFemale5 Ft. 3 In.135 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry11/01/2023
CRUMP, FADARREN DEMONMale6 Ft. 2 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack01/03/2024
CRUSE, JAMES EARLMale6 Ft.198 Lbs.BrownBlack05/30/2023
DAVIS, JA’BRYANT O’KEITHMale6 Ft. 4 In.220 Lbs.BrownBlack03/14/2023
DAVIS, JIAKEZZ JAUANMale5 Ft. 11 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack01/05/2024
DAVIS, KURTINA LEATRICEFemale5 Ft. 6 In.190 Lbs.BrownBlack11/08/2023
DAVIS, LATANYAFemale5 Ft. 7 In.230 Lbs.BrownBlack04/01/2023
DELACRUZ, ARMANDO JESUSMale5 Ft. 11 In.200 Lbs.BrownBrown12/04/2023
DELAFUENTE, CARLOS, Jr.Male5 Ft. 6 In.160 Lbs.BrownBrown09/10/2023
DELVILLAR, CESAR DAVIDMale5 Ft. 11 In.215 Lbs.BrownBlack10/06/2022
DODD, ANDREW DARNELLMale6 Ft. 2 In.187 Lbs.BrownBrown12/12/2023
DOLMAN, CHRISTOPHER RANDELLMale5 Ft. 11 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack07/05/2023
DONOHO, STEVEN LEEMale5 Ft. 8 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack10/19/2023
DORSEY, ALLEN LYNNMale5 Ft. 4 In.115 Lbs.BlueBrown01/06/2024
DORSEY, CHRISTOPHER LEEMale5 Ft. 9 In.165 Lbs.BrownBrown12/23/2023
DOSS, BOBBY WAYNEMale5 Ft. 11 In.240 Lbs.BrownBrown09/22/2023
DOUGLAS, ADARYL WAYNEMale6 Ft. 1 In.215 Lbs.BrownBlack01/04/2024
DRAYTON, DEVANTE DESHAWNMale5 Ft. 8 In.135 Lbs.BrownBlack07/10/2023
DUNCAN, LEVI LYNDELLMale5 Ft. 10 In.150 Lbs.BlueSandy11/03/2023
DUNN, JANAAL DEMARCUSMale5 Ft. 9 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack04/08/2021
DURHAM, DEVYN WILHEIMMale5 Ft. 11 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry11/21/2023
DURHAM, JAMES EDWINMale6 Ft. 1 In.210 Lbs.GreyBrown09/23/2022
DYKES, SABRINA WILLIAMSFemale5 Ft. 11 In.185 Lbs.GreenBrown01/28/2022
EDWARDS, KEM’ROYN C’MUNMale5 Ft. 8 In.143 Lbs.BrownBlack07/19/2021
EVERETT, DALE GORDONMale5 Ft. 7 In.160 Lbs.HazelBrown12/18/2023
FARMER, JAMES TERRYMale6 Ft.250 Lbs.BrownBrown04/14/2023
FEELER, ANTHONY STEPHENMale6 Ft. 2 In.155 Lbs.BlueGrey or Partially Grey12/14/2022
FINK, SCOTT EDWARDMale5 Ft. 3 In.130 Lbs.GreenBrown01/06/2024
FINLEY, WADE PATRICKMale5 Ft. 9 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack07/29/2022
FIPPS, AMBER NICOLEFemale5 Ft. 1 In.122 Lbs.HazelBrown09/03/2023
FLANAGAN, DEONDRE MARQUISEMale5 Ft. 8 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack01/04/2024
FOWLER, ROBERT LEROYCEMale6 Ft. 4 In.205 Lbs.BlackBlack12/30/2023
FRANCO, SAMUELMale5 Ft. 5 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack12/15/2023
FRANK, JORDAN LEIGHMale5 Ft. 2 In.130 Lbs.BrownBlack08/17/2023
FRAZIER, TUKULVE DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 2 In.170 Lbs.HazelBlack12/01/2023
FREEMAN, BYRISE DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 7 In.204 Lbs.UnknownBlack10/26/2023
FULLER, BEN, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.160 Lbs.BrownBald08/19/2023
GALLARDO-FLORES, LUIS ENRIQUEMale5 Ft.150 Lbs.BrownBlack08/17/2023
GARCIA, LATISHA ANNFemale5 Ft. 3 In.150 Lbs.BrownBrown12/18/2023
GARCIA, ROSA CRISTINAFemale5 Ft. 2 In.140 Lbs.BrownBrown11/20/2023
GARDNER, DOMINQUE LMale5 Ft. 7 In.225 Lbs.BrownBlack08/21/2023
GARRETT, BRIAN GREGORYMale6 Ft. 2 In.190 Lbs.BrownBlack11/30/2023
GATES, ORVILLE DOUGLAS, Jr.Male6 Ft. 1 In.275 Lbs.BrownBrown12/20/2023
GAULT, TREVIONMale5 Ft. 2 In.130 Lbs.BrownBlack01/02/2024
GIBSON, ZACOVEY DIONMale5 Ft. 8 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack07/19/2023
GIPSON, PORTERMale5 Ft. 10 In.190 Lbs.BrownBlack06/06/2023
GLASSEY, CHRISTOPHER LEE, Jr.Male5 Ft. 4 In.150 Lbs.GreenBrown12/20/2023
GONZALEZ, EDUARDOMale5 Ft. 9 In.215 Lbs.BrownBlack12/18/2023
GREEN, JULIUS IVANMale5 Ft. 6 In.207 Lbs.BrownBlack12/14/2023
GRIMES, BRIAN JARELLEMale5 Ft. 6 In.190 Lbs.BrownBlack01/08/2024
HAGLER, TRAVIS WAYNEMale6 Ft. 1 In.180 Lbs.BlueBlue11/17/2023
HALL, KALVIN MARCUSMale6 Ft. 3 In.205 Lbs.BrownBlack05/22/2023
HARDIN, LORETTA NAOMIFemale5 Ft. 2 In.120 Lbs.BlueBrown01/03/2024
HARGIS, SETH TYLERMale5 Ft. 10 In.155 Lbs.BrownBrown01/04/2023
HARPER, ZACKARIA IMMANUEL DIKEEMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BlackBlack12/23/2023
HATHORN, CHRISTIN LEANNFemale5 Ft. 4 In.115 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry10/22/2023
HAYES, PRESTON LEEMale5 Ft. 9 In.170 Lbs.BlueBrown09/07/2021
HAYES, RYAN JAMESONMale6 Ft. 4 In.170 Lbs.BlueBrown09/12/2023
HAYTER, TERRY TYRONE, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.205 Lbs.BrownBrown07/28/2023
HENSON, DENNIS WAYNEMale5 Ft. 7 In.125 Lbs.GreenBrown01/02/2024
HOLDEN, CAMERON DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 9 In.130 Lbs.BrownBlack10/11/2023
HOLLAND, STEVEN RAYMale5 Ft. 11 In.170 Lbs.BrownBrown01/04/2024
HOLMES, CHRISTOPHER RESHODEMale5 Ft. 6 In.165 Lbs.BlueBlack10/26/2023
HOLMES, GEORGE RAYMale6 Ft. 2 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack10/27/2023
HOPE, TREY WESLEYMale5 Ft. 10 In.120 Lbs.BrownBrown09/12/2022
HOUSTON, JARVIS TREMAINEMale6 Ft. 3 In.250 Lbs.BrownBlack
HUGHES, ASHLEY NICOLEFemale5 Ft. 3 In.135 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry12/06/2023
HUNT, TREVANTE DESHAUNMale5 Ft. 11 In.190 Lbs.BlackBlack09/27/2023
INSLEY, LEVI SCOTTMale5 Ft. 11 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry12/15/2023
JACKSON, AMICK SELMONEMale5 Ft. 3 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack01/01/2024
JAUREGUI, ALLYSSA RENAEFemale5 Ft. 4 In.124 Lbs.BrownBrown12/08/2023
JOHNSON, JADEN DA’SHUNMale5 Ft. 9 In.130 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry12/22/2023
JOHNSON, JOSHUA JEROMEMale6 Ft.154 Lbs.BrownBlack08/23/2023
JOHNSON, RICHARD BYRON, Jr.Male5 Ft. 7 In.220 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry06/15/2023
JONES, DYLAN AVERYMale6 Ft.185 Lbs.BrownBrown01/08/2024
JONES, JACOLBY SHAUNMale5 Ft. 8 In.190 Lbs.BrownBlack12/27/2023
JONES, RICHARD JASONMale5 Ft. 11 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry10/31/2023
JONES, RUSSELL LEEMale6 Ft. 1 In.286 Lbs.BrownBlack12/29/2023
KINCAIDE, WILLIAMMale6 Ft. 1 In.178 Lbs.BrownBlack07/05/2023
KIRKLAND, TY GORDONMale6 Ft. 2 In.200 Lbs.BlueBrown11/14/2022
LAFLEUR, PAUL EDMUND-DERRICKMale5 Ft. 7 In.130 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry12/16/2021
LAKEY, WESLEY RAYMale6 Ft.240 Lbs.BrownRed or Auburn08/19/2023
LANGLEY, JOSEPH WAYNEMale6 Ft.185 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry12/19/2023
LAWLER, KRISTY UNDERWOODFemale5 Ft. 4 In.165 Lbs.BrownRed or Auburn12/03/2023
LAZARINE, GREGG ALLEN, Sr.Male6 Ft.170 Lbs.BlueBrown10/27/2023
LEE, JOSHUA LYDELLMale5 Ft. 10 In.230 Lbs.HazelBrown04/25/2023
LEE, VICTOR KEITH, Sr.Male6 Ft. 2 In.157 Lbs.BrownBrown07/27/2022
LETNEY, CASONDRA DENISEFemale5 Ft. 7 In.200 Lbs.BrownRed or Auburn11/30/2023
LEWIS, JAIQUIES LASHAWNMale5 Ft. 10 In.120 Lbs.BlackBlack08/29/2023
LEWIS, KEMARCUS SAVYONMale5 Ft. 6 In.130 Lbs.BrownBlack09/06/2022
LEWIS, OMARIONMale5 Ft. 11 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack03/17/2023
LEWIS, PATRICK ONEALMale5 Ft. 11 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack05/11/2023
LIGHTSEY, MARQUISE JERONEMale6 Ft.180 Lbs.BrownBlack12/30/2023
LILLEY, MORGAN ANNFemale5 Ft. 7 In.210 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry12/10/2023
LINTON, KODYE RYANMale5 Ft. 8 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry09/30/2022
LINTON, MICHAEL WOODSMale6 Ft.200 Lbs.BlueBrown03/20/2023
LITTLETON, JOSHUAMale6 Ft.175 Lbs.BlueBrown01/08/2024
LIVINGSTON, JACORIAN ANGELOMale5 Ft. 7 In.155 Lbs.BrownBlack12/12/2023
LOCKEMAN, ALEX MICHAELMale6 Ft. 1 In.185 Lbs.BrownBrown12/28/2023
LUCE, JEREMY MICHAELMale6 Ft.180 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry12/28/2023
LUNA, AMANDA LEAFemale5 Ft. 1 In.189 Lbs.BrownBrown01/02/2024
LYDIA, KIMBERLY SHALETFemale5 Ft. 6 In.144 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry01/09/2024
LYNCH, JAMES PRESTONMale5 Ft. 5 In.200 Lbs.BlueBrown12/18/2023
MALDONADO, ERNESTO RICARDO, Jr.Male5 Ft. 10 In.180 Lbs.BrownBrown12/07/2023
MARK, KAREEM ABDUL JABBARMale6 Ft.185 Lbs.BrownBlack01/09/2024
MARRIOTT, CHRISTOPHER BRIANMale5 Ft. 2 In.152 Lbs.BlueBrown05/24/2022
MARTIN, SHA-YUSMA SHAYETTEFemale5 Ft. 5 In.184 Lbs.BrownBlack12/28/2023
MARTIN, SUSAN GROSSFemale5 Ft. 2 In.145 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry01/09/2024
MARTINEZ, MARIOMale6 Ft. 1 In.275 Lbs.BrownBlack12/13/2023
MATTHEWS, JAMESMale5 Ft. 8 In.145 Lbs.BrownBrown08/11/2023
MAYORGA, JOSE MIGUELMale5 Ft. 6 In.180 Lbs.HazelBlack07/22/2022
MCCARTY, JASON RYANMale5 Ft. 11 In.300 Lbs.BlueSandy10/14/2023
MCCLELLAND, DALLAS AARONMale6 Ft.200 Lbs.BrownBrown10/04/2023
MCCLENDON, CROSBY ALEXANDRIAFemale5 Ft.160 Lbs.BrownBrown12/04/2023
MCCLENDON, NORRIS DALE, Jr.Male5 Ft. 7 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack07/03/2023
MCCULLOUGH, TERRANCE BERNARDMale5 Ft. 7 In.180 Lbs.BrownBald10/11/2023
MCENTIRE, JAMES DONALDMale6 Ft. 1 In.230 Lbs.BrownBrown01/08/2024
MCGEE, DEXTERMale5 Ft. 9 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack07/27/2023
MCMULLEN, SAM GERRITMale5 Ft. 10 In.165 Lbs.BrownBrown12/19/2023
MCMURRY, CRYSTAL GAYLEFemale5 Ft. 5 In.120 Lbs.BrownBrown12/10/2023
MENDEZ, JOSEMale5 Ft. 11 In.215 Lbs.BrownBlack09/21/2023
MENEFEE, CHESTER, Jr.Male5 Ft. 8 In.210 Lbs.BrownBlack06/09/2023
MILLER, RICHARD RAY, Jr.Male5 Ft. 11 In.270 Lbs.BrownBlack12/20/2023
MONSIVAIS, LEANDRO ANTONIOMale5 Ft. 2 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack11/14/2023
MOORE, ARMANI MONTELMale5 Ft. 7 In.140 Lbs.HazelBrown12/15/2020
MOORE, JEREMIAH EMANUELMale5 Ft. 9 In.225 Lbs.BrownBlack10/09/2023
MORECI, VICTORIAFemale5 Ft. 1 In.154 Lbs.BrownBrown11/15/2023
MORELAND, TELLEY DONTAMale6 Ft. 2 In.240 Lbs.BrownBlack01/09/2024
MORGAN, RYAN CHASEMale5 Ft. 11 In.181 Lbs.BrownBlack02/10/2022
MORNING, PATRICK CALHOUNMale5 Ft. 11 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlack01/08/2024
MORRISON, ROBERT EARLMale6 Ft.140 Lbs.BrownBlack05/30/2023
MOSBEY, JACORION SHAIZAEMale6 Ft.150 Lbs.BrownBlack01/29/2021
MURILLO, GIOVANNIMale5 Ft. 7 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack11/14/2023
MURPHY, ISAIAH, Jr.Male5 Ft. 6 In.205 Lbs.BrownBlack12/18/2023
NETHERTON, ANDREW JACKSON, IIIMale5 Ft. 7 In.180 Lbs.HazelBrown12/04/2023
NEVEU, EDWARD ANTHONY, Sr.Male5 Ft. 7 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack10/22/2021
NUGENT, DANIEL ROBERTMale5 Ft. 9 In.180 Lbs.BrownBrown09/13/2023
ODER, MICHAELMale5 Ft. 3 In.180 Lbs.BrownBrown12/07/2021
OGDEN, BRADLEY WAYNEMale5 Ft. 11 In.185 Lbs.BlueBrown09/05/2023
OLALDE, JASMINE BEARDFemale5 Ft. 10 In.220 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry01/09/2024
OLIPHANT, SIR JOHNMale6 Ft.170 Lbs.BrownBlack12/21/2023
OREN, CLOIE ELIZABETHFemale5 Ft. 8 In.165 Lbs.HazelBrown10/19/2023
PADILLA, ALFONSO GUZMANMale5 Ft. 11 In.235 Lbs.BrownBlack12/19/2023
PALMER, MICHEAL WAYNEMale6 Ft. 3 In.170 Lbs.HazelGrey or Partially Grey10/25/2023
PARKER, JOSHUA BLAKEMale6 Ft. 3 In.280 Lbs.BrownBrown11/01/2023
PARKER, TOMMY DWAYNEMale5 Ft. 10 In.240 Lbs.GreenBrown06/27/2019
PEARSON, DEMARCUSMale5 Ft. 9 In.168 Lbs.BrownBlack12/06/2022
PEGUES, BILLY RAYMale5 Ft. 6 In.198 Lbs.BrownBlack04/06/2023
PELOQUEN, SAMUEL BENTONMale5 Ft. 7 In.155 Lbs.GreenGrey or Partially Grey11/17/2023
PENNINGTON, JON EVANMale6 Ft.220 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry12/22/2023
PINA, TIMOTHY DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 8 In.198 Lbs.BrownBrown11/21/2023
POLK, CLINTON GARYMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack08/12/2022
POUNDERS, JOE LEEMale5 Ft. 8 In.143 Lbs.BrownBrown11/10/2023
PRICE, DE’UNDRA ANTWONMale5 Ft. 8 In.181 Lbs.BrownBlack12/12/2023
PRICE, MICHAEL DWIGHTMale5 Ft. 7 In.220 Lbs.BrownBlack09/13/2023
PRICE, PENNY LESAUNA, Jr.Male5 Ft. 5 In.135 Lbs.BrownBlack09/15/2023
RAMOS, JESUS ALBERTOMale5 Ft. 6 In.184 Lbs.BrownBlack08/17/2023
RASBERRY, WILLIE JONETFemale5 Ft. 4 In.120 Lbs.BrownBlack09/12/2023
RAWLS, DEADRIANMale6 Ft. 1 In.175 Lbs.BlackBlack08/17/2023
RAY, MATTHEW MARIOMale5 Ft. 6 In.160 Lbs.GreenBrown01/08/2024
REACH, NATHAN DANIELMale6 Ft.150 Lbs.BrownBrown09/13/2023
ROBERSON, JAMEY DIONMale5 Ft. 8 In.240 Lbs.BrownBlack11/11/2023
ROBERSON, LAZARIAN ZAYMale6 Ft.210 Lbs.BlackBlack07/22/2022
RODRIGUEZ, GREG ANTHONY, Sr.Male5 Ft. 6 In.230 Lbs.BrownBlack05/11/2023
RODRIGUEZ, RUBEN LUNAMale5 Ft. 11 In.190 Lbs.BrownBlack12/06/2023
RODRIGUEZ, SAMUEL JOSEPHMale5 Ft. 9 In.250 Lbs.BrownBlack12/01/2023
ROPER, HOWARD KEITHMale5 Ft. 8 In.210 Lbs.BrownBrown12/13/2023
SALINAS, EZEQUIEL IBARRAMale5 Ft. 6 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack07/02/2023
SANFORD, NORRIS JAYMale5 Ft. 11 In.225 Lbs.BrownUnknown or Bald09/18/2023
SEGURA, OSCARMale5 Ft. 9 In.290 Lbs.BrownBlack11/21/2023
SELLERS, CHARLOTTE ANNEFemale5 Ft. 3 In.180 Lbs.BrownBrown10/31/2023
SHAW, JAQUEASTON DEVONTEMale5 Ft. 11 In.210 Lbs.BrownBlack11/21/2023
SHEPHERD, JOHNNA LINDSEYFemale5 Ft. 5 In.125 Lbs.BlueBrown12/05/2023
SHEPHERD, JOSHUA DAVIDMale6 Ft. 2 In.250 Lbs.BrownBrown07/21/2023
SHERMAN, TREDERRICKMale5 Ft. 11 In.140 Lbs.BrownBrown07/11/2023
SHORTT, ANDREW JACOBMale5 Ft. 9 In.165 Lbs.BrownBrown01/17/2023
SIDES, MICHAEL SHANEMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BrownBrown01/22/2023
SIMMONS, REGINALD FRANK, Jr.Male5 Ft. 6 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack01/08/2024
SIMONEAUX, WILFRED RANDY, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.160 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry12/09/2023
SIMS-DIALS, DESHAUN MALIKMale5 Ft. 8 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack09/18/2023
SMART, JOSEPH THOMASMale6 Ft. 1 In.240 Lbs.HazelBrown11/14/2023
STERNS, LATYCIA SHANAEFemale5 Ft. 4 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack12/06/2023
STURGEON, CLIFTON PAUL, Jr.Male5 Ft. 10 In.180 Lbs.BrownBrown12/14/2023
SUAH, BLISSMale6 Ft.145 Lbs.BrownBlack12/28/2023
SUGGS, JONATHAN RUSSELLMale5 Ft. 6 In.150 Lbs.BrownBrown12/25/2023
TAMEZ, ROBERTMale5 Ft. 6 In.135 Lbs.BrownBrown12/14/2023
TATUM, JERRY LEEMale5 Ft. 4 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack12/12/2023
TERRELL, RASHAD ARMANMale5 Ft. 9 In.185 Lbs.BrownBrown08/01/2023
THACKER, ORLANDO DEMARCUSMale6 Ft. 4 In.230 Lbs.BrownBlack10/21/2023
THOMAS, DAVONSEA DAWAYNEMale5 Ft. 10 In.130 Lbs.BlackBlack02/05/2020
THOMPSON, JOSHUA HEATHMale5 Ft. 9 In.230 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry08/31/2023
TORRES, GUADALUPE ALEXISMale5 Ft. 10 In.230 Lbs.BrownBlack11/03/2023
TREBES, JASON EDWINMale6 Ft. 1 In.210 Lbs.BlueBrown08/28/2022
TUCKER, CHARLES WILLARDMale5 Ft. 10 In.160 Lbs.BrownGrey or Partially Grey08/25/2023
VANDERBIE, JASONMale6 Ft. 1 In.230 Lbs.BlueBrown06/02/2023
VAUGHN, JOSEPH GLEN, Jr.Male6 Ft.140 Lbs.BlueBrown12/11/2023
VAUGHN, MATTHEW SKYLERMale6 Ft. 1 In.225 Lbs.BlueBrown11/06/2023
VERRETT, KEANDREMale6 Ft. 2 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack01/05/2024
VILLELA, FAUSTINO, Jr.Male5 Ft. 3 In.150 Lbs.BrownBrown09/26/2023
WADE, STEPHANIE ALENEFemale5 Ft. 6 In.175 Lbs.GreenBrown12/27/2023
WAGNONE, REVYN ELIZABETHFemale5 Ft. 2 In.150 Lbs.BrownRed or Auburn12/01/2023
WALDREP, CHARLES ROBERTMale6 Ft. 2 In.180 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry10/13/2023
WALKER, WALTER EARL, Jr.Male5 Ft. 7 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack11/01/2023
WALLACE, SHANE MITCHELLMale5 Ft. 9 In.140 Lbs.BrownBrown01/08/2024
WASHINGTON, ISHMEALMale5 Ft. 8 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack01/24/2023
WEAVER, LOY EUGENEMale5 Ft. 9 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack02/01/2023
WELCH, CHARLES RAYMale6 Ft.175 Lbs.BrownBrown11/28/2023
WHITE, CARL LEEMale5 Ft. 10 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack01/21/2023
WILLIAMSON, CRAIG ALLENMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BlueRed or Auburn11/10/2023
WITHEM, RACHAEL LORANFemale5 Ft. 10 In.125 Lbs.HazelBrown12/08/2023
WOMACK, WILLIAM TUCKERMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.HazelBrown12/31/2023
WOODS, ANTHONY GERARD, Jr.Male6 Ft.300 Lbs.BrownBlack12/11/2023
WOODS, JAMES DONDRELLEMale6 Ft. 2 In.176 Lbs.BrownBlack10/03/2023
WORTHAM, JAKLA TRE NETTE DIAMONIQUEFemale5 Ft. 4 In.130 Lbs.BrownBlack10/12/2023
WORTHAM, MICHAEL ANDREWMale5 Ft. 6 In.191 Lbs.BrownBlack07/25/2023

County inmate search in Texas

El PasoEllisErathFort Bend
JackJeffersonJim WellsJohnson
OrangePalo PintoPanolaParker
Red RiverRobertsonRockwallRunnels
TitusTom GreenTravisUpshur
Van ZandtVictoriaWalkerWaller

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