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Hempstead Police Department – General Information

Facility NameHempstead Police Department
Facility TypePolice Department
Address1015 11th Street, Hempstead, Texas, 77445
Postal Code77445
CountyWaller County

The Hempstead Police Department serves the vibrant city of Hempstead, Texas, known for its scenic beauty and thriving economy. It is located at 1015 11th Street, Hempstead, Texas 77445, in Waller County.

The department is committed to community engagement, public safety, and security and has a dedicated staff and ample resources to achieve these goals.

The department takes pride in maintaining a transparent and responsible system that meets the diverse needs of the citizens it serves.

Hempstead City Arrests and Records

The Hempstead Police Department is responsible for making arrests to ensure public safety. An arrest record contains different information, such as the person’s name, the accusations, and the circumstances surrounding the arrest.

The Records Section of the Hempstead Police Department is in charge of managing these arrest records.

How to Find Hempstead City Arrest Records

If you need to access arrest records in Hempstead, there are several ways to do so. The Hempstead Police Department offers an online portal, http://wallercountytexassheriff.org/, where you can search for Arrest Records and other law enforcement records.

You can also request records in person by visiting the Records Section of the Hempstead Police Department at their address 1015 11th Street, Hempstead, Texas, 77445.

Alternatively, you can submit inquiries via phone at 979-826-4970 or through a written application, which may require a nominal fee to complete and deliver the documents.

Hempstead City Police Jail Roster and Inmate Location

If you want to find information about jail offenders in Hempstead, you can access the jail roster managed by the Corrections Division of the institution.

This roster provides up-to-date information on the offenders housed in the Hempstead detention center, including their designations, incarceration dates, and allegations.

You can access this information online or by contacting the Hempstead Police Department.

Warrants Search in Hempstead City

You can search for outstanding warrants in Hempstead in a few ways. The Hempstead Police Department maintains a list of active warrants that can be examined online or requested by the Warrants Section.

However, it’s essential to be cautious when searching for warrants, as engaging with people with active warrants can be dangerous. It’s best to leave this task to law enforcement professionals.

Most Wanted in Hempstead City

The Hempstead Police Department periodically publishes a list of individuals considered “Most Wanted”. This list includes names of suspects who have open warrants or are persons of interest in ongoing investigations.

The list can be accessed through various media platforms and the institution’s official website. These “Most Wanted” individuals are deemed dangerous, and the public is encouraged to provide any information that may lead to their arrest, which is often rewarded.

However, people are strictly advised not to approach these individuals and contact the police immediately if they have any information regarding their whereabouts.

Hempstead Police Department Contact Details

For general inquiries or to request documents, please get in touch with the Hempstead Police Department at their primary phone number, 979-826-4970.

Headquarters Address: 1015 11th Street, Hempstead, Texas, 77445, within Waller County. 

Official Website: http://wallercountytexassheriff.org/

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